Saturday, March 10, 2012

First post

At the urging of a friend or two (peer pressure is *such* a bitch) I decided to keep a log of my home renovation experience. This blog was initially meant to be my cooking blog, but you can see how well that went (wah wah).

Anyway, I decided I should make a to do list of items that need to be completed. Before photos of the house will follow shortly. I will also try to list the resources I used in case you see something you like.

-Complete kitchen remodel, including new cabinets, countertops, under cabinet lighting, backsplash, sink, faucet, disposal, and flooring.
-Electrical work including updating outlets, installation of a lighting fixture in the living room, an exterior flood light on the back deck, a light/vent combo in the main bath plus moving the location of the light switch, addition of an outlet in the half bath (no outlet there at all)
-Updating all lighting fixtures in the house
-Painting virtually every room in the house
-New flooring throughout
-Complete remodel of main bath, including installation of wainscoting, new vanity, toilet, bathtub, and tile. Borrow space from an oversized adjacent closet to make a larger bath/shower enclosure.
-Complete remodel of half bath, including new tile, possible wainscoting, vanity and toilet.
-Remodel the laundry room including installation of a tankless water heater, purchase stackable front loading washer/dryer, paint, new floor, and install shelves for storage
-Landscape the front yard and install some lighting
-New windows

I am going to be poor for a long, long time.

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