Saturday, March 10, 2012

A few before pics

Here are some before pics of the house taken right after I purchased it in May 2010. Please excuse the super crappy pics, I took them with a Blackberry. I don't have a fancy camera. If anyone like or would like to gift me a lovely SLR or hell, even a decent point and shoot I'll be happy to upgrade the quality of my photos. :)

Front of the house. It's a 1959 Ranch with "good bones", or so "they" say.

Back of the house. That big yard is a huge pain in the ass to mow. Luckily I have a neighborhood...shall we say, "nose candy enthusiast", who mows it for me for only $25. You couldn't pay me $25 to mow my own yard.

My beautiful kitchen. Please take a moment to notice the lovely homemade plywood cabinets, complete with brass hardware and water damage. Not visible in this photograph is the illegal wiring and plumbing for the dishwasher that was added by a previous owner. It's a miracle the house hasn't caught fire or flooded. This is where the overwhelming majority of the renovations dollars are being spent at the moment. This space is getting new flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances, paint,lighting, backsplash, and electrical work. Lots and lots of electrical work. It sucks spending money on something that's not "pretty" like wiring, but it's a necessity.

This is the living room. Another big transformation is taking place here, thanks to getting rid of those hideous window treatments, adding a ceiling fan/light combo since there's currently no lighting at all, new flooring, and hopefully some new furniture too.

This is the dining area, between the living room and kitchen. Sorry for the super bad lighting. This area is getting new paint, lighting fixture, window treatment, and flooring.

There are more pics but this is where the bulk of the reno will be taking place for now.

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